Amon EV Charging Solutions provides a diverse range of products for EV charging such as EV charging stations for car charging. All of our products go through rigorous testing, and we provide an involved inspection, installation and maintenance service attached to each EV Charging product we sell.

Ohme Home Chargers


• Compliant with new Smart Charger Regulations
• Tethered model
• Connector: Type 2
• Power: 7kW (25 miles per hour)
• Cable length: 8m or 5m
• Charge via the mobile app
• Dimensions: 170mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 100mm (D)
• Connection: 3G / 4G for easy set-up
• Over-the-air updates
• 3-year Warranty
• Charge via LCD screen
• Home power balancing
• Built-in earthing (no additional cost)

Elinta Chargers


• 2 x Mode 3, Type 2
• Both sides are accessible
• Up to 2x22 kW
• Charges up to 2 vehicles
• Integrated energy meter
• Robust aluminium casing
• RFID authorization
• OCPP communication system
• Bright LED screen


• Robust aluminium casing
• RFID authorization
• OCPP communication system
• Bright LED screen
• Profesional design
• Up to 2x22 kW
• Integrated energy meter with back-light
• Simple installation


• Simple and professional design
• Up to 22 kW
• Integrated energy meter with back-light
• Simple installation

Mennekes Chargers


• Mode 3 charging acc. to IEC 61851
• Vehicle connectors and charging socket acc. to IEC 62196
• Charging power up to 7,4 kW (1ph) / 22kW (3ph)
• MID-certified energy meter
• Unlocking function in case of grid failure (for devices with charging socket type 2)
• Status information through LED info bar
• Integrated cable suspension
• Welding detection: Monitoring the load contactor: in case of error (adhesive load contactor) the charging point will be switched off for a safe isolation from supply


• MENNEKES charging station for use in public areas for
• recharging electric vehicles according to IEC 61851
• Completely wired - ready for grid connection
• Auto-switch function for automatic switching between 20 A and 32 A charging cables
• Status information by text display
• Backend connection via integrated GPRS modem per Open-Charge-Point-Protocol (OCPP)
• Terminals for the purpose of connecting additional charging systems via RS485 bus
• Heated charging socket (below approx. 3°C)
• One-hand operation
• Integrated MCBs and RCDs
• Cable release in case of grid failure
• Charging column with a temperature-controlled ventilation system
• Enclosure made of sheet steel, galvanised, primed and powder-coated

Amon EV

Type 2 EV cables are also available

Products FAQ

  • How long does it take to charge an electric car at home?

    Home charging typically takes between 6-8 hours, and this varies between battery type and manufacturer.

  • What happens if I leave my electric vehicle in the charge box for several days?

    The power flow is ended through an integrated charging management system automatically after a full charge.