CityCharge V2 is a charging station with the ability to provide up to 44 kW (2×22 kW) of power using two Type 2 charging sockets. It is manufactured using the highest quality materials. The solid housing is made of extruded CNC machined and anodized aluminium parts that are designed to last. Top-quality electronics with integrated climate control ensure the highest reliability even in the worst weather conditions. Bright animated LED screens and sidebars give a modern impression and are seen from a distance at night

CityCharge Mini2

The CityCharge Mini 2 offers the same features as the CityChargeV2 but can be mounted on a wall, eliminating the need for civil works.


We are also proud partners of Mennekes E-mobility and are happy to offer their Amedio and Amtron Professional range

AMEDIO® Professional charging columns

State-of-the-art technology, high safety requirements, easy handling, networking capability for billing according to requirements, clear system monitoring, and effective load management: The MENNEKES AMEDIO® charging station, the professional among charging columns, provides you with a comprehensive all-inclusive package for setting up and expanding a future-proof, intelligent charging infrastructure.
• 22kW of charging power at each charging point
• Convenient authorization via RFID or backend
• Flexible billing and payment options via a link to professional software or a service provider
• Optional: an easy-to-use plug & charge solution (ISO 15118-compliant)
• Networking via LAN (star configuration via router/switch)
• Intelligent load management for up to 100 charging points
• Interface to external energy management system
• Optionally available with integrated modem
• Integrated power meter
• Can be combined with our AMTRON® Professional wallbox

AMTRON® Professional – intelligent charging for industry and commerce

The AMTRON® Professional charging station is a top-quality, durable, future-proof charging solution. It features state-of-the-art technology and has been optimised to deliver maximum value to business owners and operators. In a strong package which lets you flexibly create your tailored charging infrastructure, AMTRON® Professional delivers a long list of benefits: strict security standards, user-friendliness, networkability for implementing billing solutions to meet requirements, system monitoring and load management. 


To ensure you get the most out of your new EV charging solution, we also offer an ongoing maintenance service to keep it operating at optimum efficiency.

Our EV Charger repair and EV Charger maintenance services are comprehensive, meaning we can perform any necessary work, from minor issues to larger repairs. Regularly scheduled maintenance can also be arranged.


  • Do Elinta and Mennekes Chargers have billing options?

    Yes, there are a variety of payment options available with our commercial chargers.

  • Do you provide commercial installations?

    Yes, we provide full turnkey installation services. Please click on this link for further information